Exodus Revival

Restoring the Church as a Community and Culture of Life
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Evan Birdsong

Evan Birdsong lives in Central Texas with his wife, Rainne, and their four children. They have been part of the Homestead Heritage community since 2013 where he serves as a minister and educator.

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The Temple to the Tree of Knowledge

Every ancient religion depicts a tree in the center of a garden with a promise for a certain type of enlightenment for those who would partake of that trees’ fruit. This knowledge is depicted as as something altogether positive with the one exception being the narrative of the Old Testament. This session focuses on the impact State sponsored education has played in imprinting this type of knowledge on its citizens

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What Happened to the Gospel?

Based on “Evangelism: The Good, the Bad, the Abominable” by Blair Adams While few would disagree that evangelism is central to God’s purpose, most would acknowledge that not all forms of evangelism are equally effective. One recent study, for example, reported on a crusade that produced 600 decisions for Christ. But when a follow-up was done just three months later, the results weren’t nearly as encouraging. How many had continued

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