Exodus Revival

Restoring the Church as a Community and Culture of Life

Constraint Allows Freedom

The founders of America’s system of government acknowledged something has to actively restrain man’s fallen nature if the liberties of the responsible would remain his birthright. They created a government that necessitated a robust church and faith present in the society. If faith fell, civil liberties would collapse with it. While societal restraints are crumbling all around us, we are seeking to be a community of intentional restraint. As the

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The Pluralist Illusion

Do we seek to build an immortality project for self, or are we willing to take the risks to follow the invisible God? Our doubts can paralyze us, or we can choose to walk as He leads us on a narrow path. In the end, our works will reveal where we have truly put our trust.

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Christian Economy—Rediscovering Kingdom Values

At the foundation of every culture is the unexamined assumptions that define the everyday lives of those who live in it. Yet to discover the unexamined substrata of culture, requires taking off the very “glasses” through which we perceive reality. Do we amass earthly possessions to ensure our earthly security or do we use them to further God’s purpose?

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The Anointed Body

We are saved by faith. But how does faith come to us? Paul wrote that faith comes by hearing the Word of God, and also asks, “How shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach unless they are sent?” We are saved by remaining and growing in abiding relationship with God through His Body—through those He’s sent—where His anointed word continues to wash and cleanse us. If

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What Is the Kingdom’s Gospel?

The Gospel is the good news that a saving relationship with God is now possible through Jesus Christ. Yet how do we make this gospel applicable in our lives? Is it merely a mental assent or is there something we must obey in order to be saved?

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Sanctuary Cities

Jesus described the church as “a city set upon a hill which cannot be hidden” He does not refer to a geographical phenomenon, but a spiritual network of believers who comprise a city very different from cities of the natural world. Every city is built on a foundation. A dynamic of covetousness and greed serves as the motivating force (foundation) upholding all civilizations, which James called “demonic.” God has prepared

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