Exodus Revival

Restoring the Church as a Community and Culture of Life

Upon This Rock

 As Christians, our goal is to see the Lord build His house, His temple, in our time. This is not a physical brick or stone building but rather a house of relationships, a house composed of God’s people. This building requires a foundation, already laid by the apostles of the Lord and which no man can replace. Undergirding that foundation is the bedrock substrate—an even more fundamental truth. To understand

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What Happened to the Gospel?

Based on “Evangelism: The Good, the Bad, the Abominable” by Blair Adams While few would disagree that evangelism is central to God’s purpose, most would acknowledge that not all forms of evangelism are equally effective. One recent study, for example, reported on a crusade that produced 600 decisions for Christ. But when a follow-up was done just three months later, the results weren’t nearly as encouraging. How many had continued

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A Great Cloud of Witnesses

Preface  In this paper, I view Christianity’s history through Biblical metaphors that depict the Body of Christ as a temple, a bride and a kingdom. I will initially rely mainly on the construction metaphor, God’s building of His corporate temple (Eph. 2:19-22)—reviewing what founded, strengthened, supported and upheld this “structure” in contrast to what undermined, eroded and dismantled it. Further, it seems relevant to contemplate, as many have, Christianity’s odyssey

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