Exodus Revival

Restoring the Church as a Community and Culture of Life

Exodus Conference

Restoring the Church as a
Community and Culture of Life

Dear Friends,

We are looking forward to seeing you here tomorrow at Homestead for the 7th annual Exodus Conference! Please feel free to email info@exodusrevival.com with any questions you may have before the event or you can call our church offices at (254) 754-9681.

The fellowship hall doors (building to the right of the main church building) will be open by 8:30 with coffee and pastries so please join us for a time of meeting and greeting each other before the first session begins at 9:00 in Santa Fe Hall. Please try to be in Santa Fe Hall by 8:55 so we can start promptly!

There will be registration tables in both the fellowship hall and the foyer of Santa Fe Hall where you can pick up the conference program handout, as well as pay your registration contribution if you haven’t already. You can also contribute online at ExodusRevival.com/texas. 

The conference will be held at the church and fellowship hall complex at 496 Halbert Ln. Feel free to park either to the right as you come in on the fellowship hall side, or to the left on the church building side. There are handicap parking spots available close to the buildings on both sides, so feel free to use those if you have handicap parking needs. 

If you need anything during the conference Billy and Ashley Fowler will be available to try to help you. Feel free to call or text them at (254) 447-4735. This number is also available via WhatsApp.

See you soon and God bless!

Josiah Wheeler, for all of us at Homestead Heritage

Heritage Ministries • 496 Halbert Ln. • Waco, TX 76705