Exodus Revival

Restoring the Church as a Community and Culture of Life

He Shall Reign Until

Paul, speaking to the fledgling Corinthian church declared, “He shall reign until He has put all His enemies under His feet” (1 Cor. 15:25). This indicates the unfinished subjection to Christ’s dominion, prerequisite to His return. As we find our places in the mosaic of the Body of Christ, we lose our identity as individuals, but become a part of something that together glorifies God–hastening the day of His coming.

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JOY: A Kingdom Imperative

The joy of the Lord is not something peripheral or optional. Rather, the Bible tells us, “The joy of the Lord is our strength;” connoting that without it, we are weak and defenseless against the devil’s schemes. This posture is integral for kingdom life—even something God requires because childlike joy expresses our gratitude for what God has done and our eager expectancy of what He will do.

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Family Economies—God’s Design for the Biblical Household

Across the nation, families are feeling the desire to leave urban and suburban settings and move toward a land-based lifestyle. This message is a call to action, an appeal to take responsibility for our families, a challenge to become the city on a hill that Christ intended for the church to be.

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The Fivefold Ministry & Divine Right Hand

When God wanted to demonstrate to all principalities and powers His manifold wisdom, He created the Church. This is an institution that surpasses all unity, love and power of any other, not by coercion, but through the power of truth and love. This is only possible through the energizing power of the Holy Spirit, active in each member of the fitly framed temple. Yet each member only contains a measure

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Question & Answer Session

Questions Include: How does one bifurcate between submitting our will to God’s authority and that of man’s—especially if those men once represented God’s authority in our lives but have since rejected it? Is truth relative or is it possible that God can reveal and lead us to “the truth”—not subject to human interpretation and opinions? If salvation is an unfolding process, how do we reconcile “convictions” we once held dear

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Zach Herbert’s Testimony

Raised in a broken home, without a father, Zach learned to protect himself through violent behavior, drug and alcohol addiction and other vices. At 18, he met the Lord in a visceral encounter that reoriented his life. Yet the lack of discipleship caused him to lose his first love and become enslaved again to sin. In this message Zach asks: is it possible to return again to your first love

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