Exodus Revival

Restoring the Church as a Community and Culture of Life

Question & Answer Session

Questions Include: How does one bifurcate between submitting our will to God’s authority and that of man’s—especially if those men once represented God’s authority in our lives but have since rejected it? Is truth relative or is it possible that God can reveal and lead us to “the truth”—not subject to human interpretation and opinions? If salvation is an unfolding process, how do we reconcile “convictions” we once held dear that God has since revealed are not His perfect pattern? How should New Testament believers view the Levitical law? Is there a distinction between the Levitical law vs. the “moral law?” How do believers bifurcate scriptures that describe man’s sinful nature while simultaneously stating we are made in the image of God? Has the church replaced the nation of Israel? What is the place of the Jewish people? What is the distinction between walking under the law vs. grace? What is the importance of the Apocrypha in believer’s study? Does it contain the same import as scripture? Can the antichrist be an institution vs. the singular “man” scripture seems to connote?

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